Lakewood Transmission was very upfront about everything involving the price for rebuilding a transmission. Everyone there is great. The first time I called them, it was at the end of the day, yet they were willing to stick around, pick up the phone, and answer all of my questions. Not only did they take time to answer all of my questions throughout the process and were even willing to go as far as having me come down to the shop where they laid out all of the bad parts and showed me what they planned on using. Everything went smoothly. They rebuilt my transmission, and everything is still going well. I would definitely go back again and will recommend their services.

Kirsty was awesome! She called and updated me every day. They had a $200 coupon on major work. I had my tranny fixed. The car drives wonderful. They also had free towing on major repairs, which saved me money from taking an Uber back home or bothering someone to pick me up. Overall, I will continue to take my car there. Thank You, Lakewood Transmission!

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